Source Code Name Case count Share of cases (%)
PRIM_OUT PRIM_OUT_NOT_USED_ICD10(I10) Essential (primary) hypertension. Not used in endpoint definition. POSSIBLY INACCURATE IN COMPLEX ENDPOINTS! 97987
OUTPAT OUTPAT_ICD10(I10) Essential (primary) hypertension 70086
INPAT INPAT_ICD10(I10) Essential (primary) hypertension 62217
INPAT INPAT_ICD9(4019X) Unspecified essential hypertension 3911
DEATH DEATH_ICD10(I10) Essential (primary) hypertension 2780
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40199) Essential benign hypertension 2423
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40299) Hypertensive heart disease 484
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40399) Hypertensive renal disease 209
DEATH DEATH_ICD9(4019X) Unspecified essential hypertension 86
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40499) Hypertensive heart and renal disease 69
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40209) Name not found 57
INPAT INPAT_ICD9(4039A) Hypertensive renal disease, unspecified 47
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40100) Name not found 17
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40291) Name not found 9
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40191) Name not found 7
DEATH DEATH_ICD9(4039A) Hypertensive renal disease, unspecified 6
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(40290) Name not found 5