Source Code Name Case count Share of cases (%)
CANC CANC_TOPO(C259)_MORPHO(8140)_BEH(3) Pancreas, NOS, Adenocarcinoma, NOS 411
CANC CANC_TOPO(C250)_MORPHO(8140)_BEH(3) Head of pancreas, Adenocarcinoma, NOS 113
CANC CANC_TOPO(C259)_MORPHO(8500)_BEH(3) Pancreas, NOS, Infiltrating duct carcinoma, NOS (C50._) 68
CANC CANC_TOPO(C252)_MORPHO(8140)_BEH(3) Tail of pancreas, Adenocarcinoma, NOS 45
CANC CANC_TOPO(C250)_MORPHO(8500)_BEH(3) Head of pancreas, Infiltrating duct carcinoma, NOS (C50._) 33
CANC CANC_TOPO(C251)_MORPHO(8140)_BEH(3) Body of pancreas, Adenocarcinoma, NOS 26
CANC CANC_TOPO(C251)_MORPHO(8500)_BEH(3) Body of pancreas, Infiltrating duct carcinoma, NOS (C50._) 5